When it rains it pours

Woke up this morning to rain. Just what this town needed, I thought to myself as I walked to the truck. Arrived at the jobsite early, got the days tasks prepared, and got off to a great start. Had a great morning. After lunch, though, the day took a sharp turn when the client informed me they had a laptop missing. It had disappeared from an office during lunch. After enduring a verbal tyrade from the person to whom the laptop belonged, I gathered the team. I told them the situation and asked the guilty party to please own up. No response from the 62 people in front of me. I told them the police would be called, and that their cars searched. Still nothing. I told them everyone would be terminated immediately if someone did not come forward. That prompted a confession from one gentleman. he told me he took the laptop. I asked where it was, it didnt match where the stolen item had been. I asked when he did it, he said 3 day ago. And he had indeed done just that. But it wasn't the laptop I was looking for. It was another laptop that they hadnt even realized was missing. I turned him over to the police, who they took him to his home, and he brought back the ill gotten goods. I fired him, but the client did not press charges. And I still didn't have the computer that was stolen today. We searched the cars. No luck. So I had to fire them. All of them. 62 people fired, keeping only my supervisors. So tomorrow we have to start fresh, all new employees, and pray we still finish on time. I am very lucky we did not lose the job all together, but the client understands that we apparently had one bad guy, and that the job otherwise is going very well. So we continue, about $2000 over budget now, but we will make that up.
I am coming home tomorrow for 36 hours. Gonna be a quick stay, but I can't wait to see the boys and be in my own bed tomorrow night!!!!!! Until then, Adios and vaya con Dios


  1. Mike - I feel your pain in times like this. It is truly sad that it feels like we have to stand over everyone all the time. It is unfortunate that the missing laptop didn't turn up but on the other hand you were able to avoid another complaint and probably the loss of the job. You handled it perfectly and maybe by loosing all 62 and starting fresh you will have set a precident for the next crew coming on board.

    Have fun with your quick stay at home, and stay safe out there on the road!


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