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Bucket List I never knew I had - Part 1

Do you have a bucket list? You know, a list of things you want to do before you die? They made a movie about it, with Jack Nicklaus and Morgan Freeman. 2 elderly men in failing health set out on a world wide adventure to cross things off a list that one of them had spent a lifetime making. And while I cannot recall all of the things they did off hand, I do remember that the last thing on the list was to see something majestic. And they did.

I have had a bucket list too, a whole litany of things I would like to do before my time on earth ends. I have been fortunate enough to cross a few items off, like auditioning for a commercial or going to Seattle. Other moments, like skydiving or trying stand up comedy, have yet to come. However, what I have found is that my own bucket list is fluid, and often I do not realize that something was on it until the moment actually arrives. That was the case this past weekend.

The idea started simply enough. Tiffany and I wanted to get away for a weeken…