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Mother's Day Thoughts

I went to Jolly Pirate Donuts yesterday morning. That should come as no surprise to any of you, as maintaining my figure doesn't come easy. But yesterday's run to the little shop in Reynoldsburg wasn't about me. See, I had told Little Red that I would make breakfast for on Mother's Day. And she replied with "All I really want is some Jolly Pirate Donuts" And while I am almost positive that was her polite way of saying "no way am I eating something you cook", I was happy to go get her Long John's. And maybe a couple peanut butter creams for me. But that's not really important.

Facebook was busy with Mother's Day posts yesterday. Thanks Mom and So Blessed were common thoughts as usual. However, many of the posts this year talked about the definition of Mom and how really it has nothing to do with biology. And I smiled. Because that's the story of two of the greatest Mom's I have ever met. My sister, Angelia, and my Little Red.