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I lied to my Mom

My mother was a story teller. Whether talking about the difficult times when she was married to my birth Father, regaling us with tales about the things Josh and I ate as toddlers,or telling us about things she did as a kid, she always had an anecdote to tell in any given situation. She obviously got that from my Papaw, as I found out a couple of years ago .

Now at 41, I feel like the gift or story telling is one of the best traits she passed down to me. This blog is filled with stories from my life. My boys often roll their eyes when I try to teach them a lesson by relaying something I have learned along the way. And lord knows, more than one of my employees have heard me start a conversation with "let me tell you a story" when they needed guidance or direction.

One of the stories I left out of this blog a couple of years ago, when I was reliving the last days we spent with her, took place on Christmas Day 2008. I was staying at their house in Illinois, and went about my no…

And then their crap could be our crap

Look around. Go ahead, wherever you may be reading this, stop and take a look at your surroundings. I will wait.................................ok, are you back? Sweet.

I am sitting in my bedroom at our little house in Gahanna, Ohio. Little red is in the bed beside me. At the foot of that bed is our monstrous 82 inch TV that she and the boys got me for Christmas, which currently has a Lifetime movie on it (that is the precise reason I am distracting myself by writing a blog.) On the HD screen, though, I have noticed a small issue occurring. There are little specks of white light appearing on the, almost looking like stars in a night sky. Yesterday their was one, now today there are 2 more. I googled it and found that it is a common problem with the DLP mirrors, and that I should call the place where it was purchased tomorrow. No biggie, the TV is easily replaceable if it cannot be fixed.

As I continue to look around the room, though, I cannot say the same for a lot of the things I see…