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Angel Wings

Rest in peace young Sam Bish. Though I didn't know you, your story hit close to home, touched my heart, and left a footprint on my life.

Ever had one of those mornings?

Well if you take that morning, multiply it by 9.4, kick it in the nuts twice and tell it that its no good, that was my morning. Seriously, I can never remember feeling so much anger and hurt all at the same time. And the ironic part is that it was not even necessary. By the time the dust settled, Angel and I are still not divorced, and neither of us are to blame. In fact, we absolutely agree on who is trying to drag this out, and changes are coming. That's all I can say.

On the flip side, I spent a great evening with the boys before I head back out of town for the next few days. Then I will be in Cincinnati all next week, followed by camping at Mohican with Shaun, Miss B and her guy next weekend.

That's all for tonite guys, gotta be up early tomorrow.

The dying heartbeat of America

No matter where I am, I always try to make an effort to go for a drive and explore the area. I-5 in Oregon and Washington lined with mountains on each side was breathtaking. Bardstown Road in Louisville boasts a lot of local mom and pop bars and restaurants, intermingled with book stores, art shops, and tattoo parlors. And there is nothing like Music City USA, with the neon lights and a trying-to-make-it-big band in every door. So when I rolled into a town in the northeast region of my home state, Ohio, I was anxious to explore somewhere I had never been. Ashtabula, the hometown of my very good friend Dave Burnham, offered a very different experience. And I realized I was in every small factory town in America.

As I drove through downtown, the very first thing I noticed was the street. Small jogs in the pavement around landscape islands were proof that this had once been a beautiful, thriving area. But the cracks and potholes in the pavement, the dirt where the grass used to be, and t…

Keeping the Faith

Nights like this one are my favorites. Just me and my boys hanging out, playing XBOX, watching movies, and playing. The adjustment to the apartment has been easier for them than I thought. They love it here and I love having them. They are really great kids,I could never have asked for more. I am a very lucky Dad indeed.

My prayers go out tonight for a number of people. An old work friend who is struggling to find light at the end of the tunnel. I am here for you brother, and things will look up soon, I can feel it. Then there is the girl at work is is so pregnant she is about to burst but her family is strepped right now. Keep your faith, God will lead the way. And myself. I feel as though I am at the top of the mountain right now. And I pray for guidance to keep me where I am. Why echo my bedtime prayers? The reason is simple.

Not long ago I asked a lot of people to review my blog. Strangers. I got a lot of responses, mostly positive. But one really bothered me. He told me to give up …

Pardon the interruption

It has been over a week since my last blog. Sorry for the delay, but things have been very hectic. Moving into the new apartment, getting things unpacked and organized, and a couple other unexpected distractions have kept me busy.

After settling in here I have had the chance to look at where I am now compared to where I was. That night on the point was so therapuetic for me, so calming. I remember making a couple of decisions that seemed very major at the time. Decisions to let go of the past and change the situation I was in. At the time the thought of doing that was daunting, and I wondered if I could follow through. Now here I stand, those choices having been made and a clear direction in front of me. I have a plan and intend to follow through, with more drive and focus than I have ever had. But I also have come to realize that life is very fluid, and sometimes you have to bend a little when the end result could be really beneficial. So while the weight loss and healthier life styl…

I Hate Moving

So I haven't blogged in quite a few days, mainly because I have been moving from my house into an apartment. I am excited about the fresh start, but I really hate the actual act of moving. Seems like whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

I had already moved some things into storage by the time Friday came along. I figured with me taking a half day and starting about one o clock I should be able to finish by 8 or so. Especially with the 3 guys I had coming to help. Left work and headed to get Brad, who has been a HUGE help (as always) during this process. Unfortunately he was the only one who showed up. I regrouped. We will just get the big stuff and I can handle the rest Saturday morning by myself. Great plan huh? We loaded the truck and headed for the apartment. We pulled into the complex, which I had chosen due to its proximity to New Albany (the Beverly Hills of Columbus) and because how quiet it was. As we turned the corner, though, we saw 5 Gahanna patrol cars and two SWAT van…