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I can really get a Thurman Burger here?

The Thurman Cafe is home to some of the world's most famous hamburgers. Located just south of downtown Columbus in German Village, this iconic little cafe had been featured on Man VS Food, College Football Gameday, and other national programs. The long wait to get in was a deterrent for me most days, as the wait for lunch is usually a few hours. So I had only been there once, and had yet to check out the "Thurman's to go", a carryout version next door to the original. I heard those lines were also too much for an hour lunch break. But then, one of my co-workers said what may have been the greatest thing I have ever heard, when he mentioned that they had opened another Thurman's to go. Down the street. From my office. I was so happy I almost cried.

I decided to order John-Michael a Thurmanator for lunch. He had wanted to take on this challenge ever since I told him about this legendary meal on a bun that was enough to feed four. And works very hard in my warehouse…

Can I be a witness

I spent Saturday afternoon with my best friend in this world. This is nothing new, as we have done this literally a thousand times over the 18 or so years I have known him. From 100 bonfires at his place, to a few dozen visits to the Pizza Cottage, we get together as we can. Heck we even worked together and were friends before either of us had any kids (there are now 6ish between us). But this is the first time we ever got together to have a Thurman Burger. And while that in and of itself is pretty spectacular,, the day presented us a chance to catch up, reflect, and get back to where we need to be.

As we drove the 20 minutes or so to the restaurant, Ralph and I talked about recent trials that we have been experiencing. He went through a rough couple of months and had to deal with a lot of issues that I had no idea he was facing. And while his struggles ran deep, he was able to change the things he needed to in order to start anew.

Likewise, he did not know about the issues I faced in…