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Coming full circle

Last week was crazy busy on all fronts in my life. At work, just when it seemed we had hit a rare lull in new projects and I was going to be able to catch up, the flood gates opened with new fires. I spent all week in the car running from Newark to Gahanna, from Worthington to Mt. Vernon, and down into Chillicothe. At the warehouse our capacity went from half full to where are in the world we going to put all this? Not bad considering a large commercial loss that we thought we had in the bag slipped through our fingers. All in all not a bad week for business, even if it was chaotic at times.

On the home front, we were adapting to having the boys at home. The ex wife had asked us to take them while she got some things sorted out, and for two weeks we got them off to school, did homework with them after school, and said best part worst part every night at dinner. Between sleep overs and football dinners, we kept on the go and loved every minute of it. Last Thursday we all watched John-M…