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The Voice

The corn is cold!

The words echoed though the Howard Johnson's dining room in Newburgh, New York like the were bouncing off the walls in a cathedral. And that poor waitress, tears started to well up in her eyes as this man expressed his displeasure with the temperature of the side dish.

Of course, anyone who knew him knew this was not who he was. Anyone who knew him knew he was the most kind, soft spoken, respectful, and integral man they have ever met. But they all knew - they all know - about the voice.

It was not a shouting, angry, going to rip your throat out kind of voice. But rather, a matter of fact, authoritative, this conversation or argument is over right now, stop you in your tracks (and maybe make you pee your pants a little) kind of voice.

I heard it when my grades dipped. When he caught me playing baseball after brain surgery. When my brother or sister and I were arguing and he said 'ENOUGH" and it was enough.

I remember the first time we heard him use it. O…