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Teenage love and angst

"Milford High School, Milford High School, We are proud of thee. Always faithful, always loyal, always we shall be. Colors red and white will fly for old Milford high. To our dear old Alma Mater which will never die"

After my Mom married my Dad but before we moved to Gahanna, our new family moved into a rental home in Day Heights, Ohio. We settled into a little house on a quiet street in this suburb of a suburb of Cincinnati, Milford. This move meant for the sixth time (out of seven) in my childhood, I would be the new kid in school.

I adapted pretty well this time around. Miss Fawley cast me as the lead in our musical, and we all had to memorize the alma mater for the fall concert. My new best friend was Richie Richmond, a mullet wearing Metallica freak that would have been considered a "hood". My arch nemesis was Joey Dobbs, a preppy loud mouthed know it all that convinced Ellen Ayre to go steady with him instead of me. But I quickly stopped caring about that, as…