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Grateful on a Friday

I was watching the clock last Friday afternoon, waiting for the acceptable time to let my boss know I was done for the day and ready to forget about Mammoth Restoration for the weekend. That is not like most Friday afternoons in workplaces all over the world. people are anxious to put the work week behind them and tend to whatever plans they may have for the Saturday and Sunday to follow. Some may have been headed to Kings Island, a trip my family will make in a month or so. Others may have been headed to a casino somewhere, as Tiffany and I will do next weekend. But for me, my anticipation was based on doing absolutely nothing for 2 whole days.

That may seem a little lazy or unmotivated to some of you. but after weeks upon weeks of wrestling tournaments and life's little errands, the thought of a couple baseball games, some home cooking, and working on the train sets in the garage was awfully appealing.

I also am quite aware of how fortunate I have been over the last couple years…

What does a father say?

I fly the American Flag on the front of my house. No matter what time or day, if you drive down Regents Road in Gahanna Ohio and pass my address, you will see the stars and stripes displayed prominently just outside my front door. When Tiffany and I first moved into the house, this was one of the first things we put in place. We wanted to set an example for the boys so they will grow up to fly the flag at their homes. And we wanted anyone who drove by to understand that there are Americans who live here. Not Republicans nor Democrats, but Americans.

This morning, on my way to the office, I saw 3 more American Flags displayed outside of some of my neighbor's homes. And as I saw them, I had mixed emotions about why they were there. I am proud to see them display their patriotism as we do everyday. But sad for the reason they put them out.

Yesterday, in my Father's hometown of Boston, The United States saw another terrorist attack on our own soil. Another act of cowardice by a pe…