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So John-Michael has this girlfriend. Not the first high school romance my son has been involved in, as stories of him and a neighborhood girl were abundant and almost embarrassing about a year ago. But this one has been a little different from the little girl up the street. He has met her parents and spent a good amount of time with them (I am proud to say her father said my son is a very well mannered and respectful young man). He has brought her home to meet Tiffany and I, has introduced her to my Dad and siblings, and is even attending church with her every week. They are a cute little couple, and never go a minute without calling, or texting, or seeing each other. And while I remember the heart palpitations of puppy love with a high school sweetheart, their young and "innocent" relationship is starting to have negative ramifications somewhere else.

I am thankful everyday that my parents did not have a home access center when I was in school. For those of you not familiar…

Sore muscles and peaceful thoughts

This time of year, I can always tell it is Sunday evening by the way I feel. Stiff back. achy muscles, and little energy means that the little red headed sweetheart and I have spent the weekend working on some household project or yard work, prepping for the warm months ahead. And the past few days were no different. Over the last 48 hours we have re-built our back gate (the old one was falling down and held up by pavers and hope), installed the new TVs in the boys rooms, cleaned out the garage, set up patio furniture, and put up the swing and arbor by the fire pit. Mix in a run to Lowes, dog sitting for the Burnham's, and running John-Michael all over Columbus to satisfy his social calendar, and it was a jam packed 2 days. Even the great sense of accomplishment I feel with my to do list being all checked off cannot change the fact that I am a very worn out Buckeye Mike, ready to find my big comfy bed and call it a weekend. 
Of course, thinking back 7 days, my outlook and reasons …

Photos from the road

So we are halfway through our journey. We found today that In N Out burger is closed for Easter! That's okay though, we will be seeing them again in Texas tomorrow!
Day #412. So far trip has been beautiful. Here are some photos for the first half of our epic adventure. It is good to be me!

Ralph and Mike are going to In and Out Burger

Today has been a relatively uneventful day. Woke up at 5:30, showered, had my coffee, and headed to work. Being Good Friday, I had two kids in tow. John-Michael always comes to work when he is not in school, and Tanner wanted to tag along as well. Since the Mammoth is very family friendly, it was not a problem for him to hang out with Tiff and I as we worked through Friday. And it was just a normal Friday. Ran a couple of appointments, ordered Jimmy John's for lunch (they got here in 8 minutes, they really are freaky fast!) and helped get our new iPads set up to run our project management software.

I will go on record now and tell you I am not a clock watcher. Normally, I am in well before my actual start time and often work way past sundown. I answer the phone when my clients call no matter when that is. Middle of the night? Yes a couple of times. Weekends? Almost always. Christmas Day? Like clockwork every year. And I cannot remember the last time I said "Nope, it's aft…

A Mormon Prom

Last evening, my sister started a picture war on Facebook, when she posted a photo of me from the mid 80's that was quite embarrassing. In true sibling rivalry form, I instantly opened the old cedar chest in my closet and began looking for one to return the favor. And while I didn't find the equalizer (either she has never taken a bad picture or she made sure I didn't get a copy after my mom passed), looking through brought back many moments of great joy and memories of my mother, who seemed to always have a camera attached to her face every time we were all together.

There were pictures of all of the family, several of my lifelong friends Ralph, Brad, and Bobbi, and even a copy of the only picture that hangs in my office, of my Grandma Slusher and myself that my mom took about 10 years ago. But it was when I stumbled upon one particular snapshot that I stopped and began to think of where I was then, and where I am today.

The date was August 26, 1998. My family stood aroun…

Bring the rain, change the bulb

The older I get the more things come full circle, even within my own head. I learn a little everyday, take the new knowledge and combine that with past lessons, good and bad, and move forward.

I have a friend who I have a tremendous amount of respect for. A goofy, zany, off the wall character who has a firm faith, he has been through experiences that you and I could not dream of. Not that I know his story in full, nor is it my place to tell it for him. But he is the kind of guy I can thank for the freedom to write these very words.

Recently, as our paths have crossed, I have been able to tell that something was bothering my friend. I have done my best to offer words of encouragement, even though I have not known the problem. And I have prayed for him to find peace and comfort for whatever the problem may be. Yesterday he told me what the problem was, and I felt for him. Because I have been on both sides of the fence.

Life is fluid. It is about perpetual motion and is a constantly evol…