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Through All Of It

This month will mark 6 years I have been writing this blog. That seems almost impossible to me as I never was able to finish anything I started, let alone sustain something like this for that long. Yet here I am. And while the posts may not come as frequently as they used too, I often go back and read them and watch the roller coaster ride my life was taking in the first couple of years, and how it has stabilized over time since then. And as we approach next week's 72 month mark on my personal journal, it was only recently that I have begun to discover why it has come this far. Its a cool story, and I hope you will continue to read while I tell it.

I will begin by telling you a story. Just a few days ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. He was commenting about how much change he has seen in me over the last few years. From putting down cigarettes and alcohol to losing weight to the change in me as a professional, he said that I am an inspiration to him and the pe…