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17 Laps

I sat outside that place in my car this morning, listening to ESPN radio and watching as the people filed in. This is a new experience. I was not even sure that I was going to make it to the front door, much less step inside. After all, I have always been leery of the next big step I needed to take in life, even when it is in my best interests. For years I lived an unhappy life, knowing I needed to change, yet did nothing. When I finally removed myself and my boys from that situation, I looked back and wondered what took me so long. Recently, after many try and fails, I put down my smokes for good. Now I look back and wonder what I was so addicted to, the feeling like crap or the being a slave to a habit I had to make time for 20 times a day or so. But this morning, this place, was different. And as I began walking towards the door, the new mountain I was looking up at seemed incredibly daunting.

I went inside just after 5:30 am and checked in at the Gahanna, YMCA. This membership was…


I sit in my office on Monday morning, wondering what the day or week might hold in store here at work. Outside of this place, I have a lot of exciting things happening that could lead to bigger and better things for my sons, my wife, and myself. But here, well this is the week that the other project manager heads off for vacation, leaving me to hold down the fort on both sides of the company.

Last year as he was driving out of town, we received the largest claim in the history of the company when the Staples store in Whitehall, Ohio lost it's roof during a storm. A month later, he had to go to San Antonio for training, and we got nailed with the largest residential claim we had ever experienced while he was away. So with this week upon us once again, I knew I had better take the weekend to relax.

Tiffany and I love having the boys with us. They have come alive and changed so much since the custody switch that they are like different kids. All of them have grown physically and ment…