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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Sorry I wasn't there yesterday. I really would have loved to make the trip out to see you as I have said I always would on January 5th. But this is the second year in a row I have not been able to do that. Last year it was a hectic schedule at a new job that kept me away. This year, though, is a little different.

I could not make it because John-Michael had a wrestling tournament. That's right, a wrestling tournament! He is pretty good too. If it wasn't for a horrible call by one ref, he would have been in the finals. He played football in the fall, and did well too. You would be so proud. He has gone from being moody and immature to being a very well spoken, respectful young man. And he is as tall as I am, it's crazy. Another 3 months and I suspect he is going to be looking down on his Dad. We have come a long way since Nurse Ava let you hold him 5 minutes after he was born, you know?

Ben asked about you the other day. Actually, he was talking about a party …