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Double the awesomeness

My name is Michael Anthony Slusher. I was given this name by my Mother and Father when I came into this world on March 3rd 1973. It was the first thing I was ever called.

Since then, the thing I have been know by many other things. Currently, I am the Vice President of Operations. Fancy huh? Just another way to say dude who handles all the crap every day. I am also a Master Water Restorer, a Master Fire and Smoke Restorer, a licensed Insurance CE Instructor, and a commercial project manager

At other times in life I have been a ball player, a master debater (read it again) a member of a show choir, a coach, a student, a teacher, a son, a brother, a father, a cousin, a nephew, a grandson, a friend, and a brother from another mother.

I have been called Mikey, Mike, Big Daddy, Big Dog, Sweetest (only a couple of you will get that) Babe, Dude, Slusher, Slush, Slushbob, Slushpup, Slush Dog, Slushcious and my personal favorite Awesome McAwesomesauce (fitting don't you think?).

20 years a…