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I am a Happy Camper

Welcome back people! Sorry, been awhile since I checked in, but it's been a very busy 2019 so far. And let's face it, I am a Slusher. And while I do not know all of the ends and outs of that heritage, I do know one of the glaring flaws - letting things slip your mind. My Gramm would always wish me a happy birthday - a day or two late. My Uncles keep saying we need to get together......which reminds me, I should call them because we need to get together. But I digress.

Anyone who knows Tiffany and I knows we love to travel. Day trips, weekend getaways, and full blown vacations are as much a part of our life as pug dogs or our country dream home. We love to go. Anywhere. So last fall, we bought a minivan. We had long ago determined we are not RV people, so the van would get us to whatever hotel or resort we would stay in. In November, we drove it to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving and stayed in our condo there. Then we headed to Florida for New Year's and Myrtle Beach for our Anni…