17 Laps

I sat outside that place in my car this morning, listening to ESPN radio and watching as the people filed in. This is a new experience. I was not even sure that I was going to make it to the front door, much less step inside. After all, I have always been leery of the next big step I needed to take in life, even when it is in my best interests. For years I lived an unhappy life, knowing I needed to change, yet did nothing. When I finally removed myself and my boys from that situation, I looked back and wondered what took me so long. Recently, after many try and fails, I put down my smokes for good. Now I look back and wonder what I was so addicted to, the feeling like crap or the being a slave to a habit I had to make time for 20 times a day or so. But this morning, this place, was different. And as I began walking towards the door, the new mountain I was looking up at seemed incredibly daunting.

I went inside just after 5:30 am and checked in at the Gahanna, YMCA. This membership was a Father's Day gift from my little red headed sweetheart and the boys. I had told them that I wanted to get into shape and, more over, I wanted to make sure that I did not balloon to a state of morbid obesity as so many others have when they put their cigarettes down. It was a great gift and one I am sure I will use very regularly, but this morning, taking the first step almost felt impossible. After all, I have never set foot in a gym or done a true workout in my life.

As I stood by the lockers and wondered where to start, I figured I might as well weigh myself so I can monitor my progress. 281 pounds. Holy crap, when did that happen? This is  worse than I thought. Time to change things. I turned back and looked at the sea of machines and realized I have no idea where to begin. I knew all I had to do was put down my smokes to be done smoking. I knew I had to utter 4 words to end a bad marriage. But this, I have no idea where to begin. I stepped onto the track that circles the gym and began walking.

17 times around the track inside the YMCA in Gahanna, Ohio makes a mile. 17 revolutions that are the beginning steps to feeling better and taking back years of my life I thought were lost to nicotine and Jack Daniels. I am excited. Motivated. And lost. I think maybe a personal trainer might be in order. Or at least someone who can show me how to turn on the stupid treadmill.

Day # 105, I need to shed my winter weight (for the last 20 years) but it is still good to be me!

Anyone else work out at that Y at 5:30 am????

Have a great day everyone!


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