Intimidation, evacuation, and an award

I need to start tonight's blog with some incredibly good news, the kind that makes Daddy a very happy person. My son, John-Michael, will be receiving the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence on June 8, 2010. He has no idea, as the school wants to make it a complete surprise. John-Michael, from what I understand, is the only student in his school to receive this prestigious honor. I am so proud of him and the man he is becoming.

As I went through my day today I had the opportunity to speak to a friend. She is a new friend, just having met her in the last few weeks, but we get along famously. One thing she said that kind of shocked me, though. She said I am a little intimidating when someone first meets me. Me? Intimidating? I have never thought of myself that way. My Dad, now he is intimidating. I don't know that I have ever had a girlfriend or buddy not tell me they were intimidated by my Father. And he doesn't mean to be. He just is. Maybe that's me? I do not see it. I would love to hear other people's thoughts on this.

The day was going well but SO hot here. We had to treat a couple of folks for heat exhaustion. I don't know if you have ever worn a non permeable hazmat suit, but whatever the outside temperature is, you can add 30 degrees minimum inside that gear. So the hotter it got the more we gave breaks. Then around 3:30 we got word that a massive storm was on it's way and that the city was shutting the plant down. We were ordered to evacuate. So by 4 pm, we were all back at the hotel, done for the day.

I had a chance today to also speak to an old friend in Seattle. We haven't talked much since I have been on the road, and I was happy to catch up with her. She asked me if I liked the travel and being single and having no one to answer to. With a smile I said absolutely. I miss my boys something fierce, but I am so enjoying seeing the world. As Bruce would say, 'SGOOD


  1. Overwhelming, perhaps, but not intimidating.

  2. Wow, overwhelming? Not even sure who you are, so i guess I do not know how to take that

  3. Not intimidating! Just lovable; like the rest of us!


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