Bury my head and keep plowing

As I mentioned, the early part of this week came with some tremendous moments. Watching my boys as they grow and get recognized is probably the greatest joy I have had in a long time. Continuing the pattern, today I got a call from a major insurance company. I have worked with them for several years, but when I started at Belfor I discovered they did not work well with my new employer. I made some calls and worked to get us back into their loop, though on a very limited basis. I, along with others in my office, have worked for well over a year now to make this relationship a successful one. The call today informed me that they are expanding our role and that we will be a large player in their claims going forward. Very exciting and the payoff of a lot of effort by everyone on my office.

Just as I learned the good news today, I was hot with some bad as well. Joanne Dyer, one of the stronger people I have onsite, was requested back at her home office in Reno. Her flight leaves tomorrow, and her efforts on the project will be missed.

Today was another example of why I have decided to do things the way I am. No matter what happens, good or bad, I will bury my head and keep plowing. Highs deserve celebrating and will be. Lows teach lessons and I listen. But all in all I will let it all roll of my back and keep moving. Perpetual motion. When I look up, hopefully I will find good things waiting for me.

Until tomorrow, good night everyone.


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