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Back to work this morning, bright and early. I had to pull the trigger and make a couple of changes that I had been pondering for a week or more. We all have a tendency to get comfortable when we are out on these projects. I am as guilty as anyone of that. But there is a difference in being comfortable and and just plain being lax and unproductive. Some of that was starting to manifest here in Clarksville. Enter Mike Brown. Mike is a project manager who is always consistent. You can expect the same things from Mike on day 100 of a project as you did on day one. So he is onsite now to help us out, and some of the other folks have been sent home. We should be set for the stretch run.

A few more days remain until I go on vacation. I cannot wait to have a whole week off to spend with my boys. I am thinking the zoo, COSI, the park, whatever they want it is gonna be a great week. I am also going to be packing that week as well. The move to the apartment won't take place til the end of August, but wanna get ready now.

Last note. Party. July 3rd at my friend Ralph's house in Buckeye Lake. Kid friendly. Bring your lawn chairs and something to throw on the grill or cook over the bonfire. Music, conversation, good times with great people. Let me know if you want to attend and I will give directions.


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