Holy Crap I am someone's Daddy!

I remember just a little less than 12 years ago when John-Michael was born. We brought him home and I bet you I was up at least 10 times checking his bassinet right, which was right by the bed. I remember thinking Holy Crap I am someones Daddy! I thought about the next 18 years and what it would be like to watch him grow and become a man. I knew it was my job to teach him life lessons, just as my dad did (and continues to do) for me.

This mornings ceremony and assembly was really a cool experience. John-Michael received his award. His mother, brothers, and myself were all in the crowd. We let him know how very proud we are of him and how this will stay with him the rest of his time in school. At the end of the day, we went back as the students, parents, and staff of Chapelfield clapped the 5th graders out of the building. JM is no a sixth grader, a middle schooler, and Tanner is no longer in kindergarten. Mr. Ben takes on 5th grade next year. All three of my guys are hitting milestones and it makes me beam with pride. Their mother and I, yes we are divorcing. But we are both focused on the boys. And no matter what anyone thinks or says, she is a very good mother and does a wonderful job with them when I am not there. I wouldn't want anyone else to be my partner in raising the boys.

After they got home I told them good bye and headed back to Tennessee. I had a conversation with the higher ups, and I may bail out of Tennessee a lot sooner than planned. Don't know if that means back home or off to another city. But for now, I will be here in Clarksville. Good Night All.


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