You've got a friend in me

Went home for the weekend. Last evening I took the boys to see Toy Story 3. First, let me say I think it may be the best movie of the three. Definitely a must see for kids and adults. I watched the movie with my boys, and with Bethany sitting right beside me. It started a 24 hour period in which the theme song, You've got a friend in me, hit home to me. I have stated before and will again how lucky I am to have friends who are always there. They have literally been my solid ground as life has taken some very shaky turns. Can I even begin to name them without leaving anyone out? No. But Bethany and Bobbi, Dave and Sara, Brad, Ralph- I would do anything for these people because they have proven over time they would do anything for me. Sometimes we disagree, I make choices that frustrate them, they do things that irritate me. Just like Family. Now I wouldn't trade my family for anything. But these people are part of my family. And I am grateful for them.

In a way of not feeling like such a great friend, I have to re-home my dogs. Due to the nature of my job and my impending residence change, I need to find loving homes for my 2 four legged friends. Today I sent Katana away with her new family. It was very difficult for me, as she is really a great dog. I will miss her and the memories she is a part of, but I know she is going to be well taken care of. I also am trying to find a home for Oliver. That will be so very difficult for me. He is my pal, and he and John-Michael are best friends. If anyone is interested in an awesome dog, let me know. With one stipulation. JM and I have to be able to visit him.

I have learned not to wear my heart on my sleeve as much as I used to. I try to be pretty happy, pretty positive all the time. So let me say this - I find myself battling some things in my life. So to those of you who have asked if I am ok because I haven't been blogging as much - I am fine. Or I will be. Just dealing with things and find it is not always a great idea to put my thoughts of the moment in a public forum. But thank you for your concern. You are all great friends. I will still be blogging. Just maybe not every day for now.

On a high note, I do want to say Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there. I do not know a lot of things for sure in my life, but I know this. I was put on this Earth to be John-Michael's, Ben's, and Tanner's father. I thank God for them. They are who I live my life for. Today is Fathers Day. The greatest gifts I have ever gotten were those 3 boys who allow me to celebrate Fathers Day!


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