Juan Cinco

Sometimes I speak about people who I work with, giving an idea about some of the great folks who make Belfor great. Today is one of those days. And this guy isn't even on my jobsite. Heck, he is not even on the same continent I am right now.

I first met John Regal Foster (AKA Johnny 5, Juan Cinco) last fall In Louisville, Kentucky. I had been told about him before his arrival, and he lived up to expectations. John is a 60 something year old guy who smokes like a freight train, looks like the grim reaper, and has led one of the most fascinating lives of anyone I have ever met. Given the chance he will regale you with tales of when he ran around with the Manson Family, was a roadie for the Grateful Dead, worked on a cruise ship in Hawaii, and did a thousand other things most people have on their bucket lists. On any job he will find a casino somewhere within driving distance an spend his off days there, normally coming back with more than he left with. At work he is meticulous at keeping track of equipment and supplies and normally tries to make people smile when he is there. He was so anxious to get to Chile when I was there he called me everyday until he finally got on the plane down. Now he calls once a week, to check on jobs in the states, ask about my family, and let me know about what is going on in Chile. Recently I heard he had gotten engaged there and asked him about it. he was quick to tell me it wasn't true, that he would rather jump off the tallest skyscraper in Santiago than ever get married again! And those who know him can hear him saying those words right now..........

It stormed here today, dropping the temperature 20 degrees in a half hour. We worked the afternoon in a light mist but 70 degree weather. Wish it was like this everyday.

Good Night Everyone................


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