I have to get me one of those

Working in steel toe boots day in and day out can really kill your feet. Combine that with a very stressful week thus far, and I needed a little relaxation the last couple days. So I pulled my trunks out of the suitcase and headed for the hot tub. Now I am addicted lol. I cannot remember feeling so relaxed. So I have made a decision that having a hot tub is officially on the bucket list.

Nothing can be more boring than sitting in a small office at a sewage treatment facility with absolutely nothing to do. Don't get me wrong, the client is very happy. We have completed all assigned tasks and exceeded their expectations. But wow, I am gonna have to mix in a deck of cards or run a satellite to the office if I am going to get through the next two months.

I decided tonight that I needed some data off my blackberry, so I hooked up to the device manager on my laptop. I thought I went through the proper steps, but when it was finished the file could not be opened on the computer. I went back to the device to retry and all the data was gone. Every picture, text, song, program I have on my blackberry lost in cyberspace. Currently I am trying to retrieve the info off the file, so my blackberry is down. If you need to reach me, just email me here.

I had intended to leave for home tonight because a friend needed a favor tomorrow. However, they were able to fill the need elsewhere so I will have an early morning drive listening to my new Lady Antabellum CD. Hope the drive goes well and..............

'SGOOD.......(you know, not sure I like that tag line. Anyone have any ideas for a new one?)


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