The Tooth Fairy

I had an unexpected trip home this week, thus my absence from the blogger world. The Columbus office needed me to go look at a couple of new claims, so it was a working break from the sewage plant. But I also was able to spend some time with the boys. Last night they asked me to stay and watch a movie with them - The Tooth Fairy with that "Rock" guy from the wrestling world. I agreed to stay with them, but knew I was about to see the most mind numbingly stupid movie I have seen since The Pacifier. 30 minutes in, though, I think I laughed more than I have since The Hangover. Seriously, it was very funny and I would watch it again.

I started prepping the house to move today. I am very sad to move away from the boys neighborhood and into an apartment. I will miss my home and my dog, Oliver, who I need to re home before the move. But I will still only be 5 minutes away from the guys so we will make the best of it. And the new place has a pool and gym on site, so maybe I can start getting a little healthier.

Back to the job tomorrow, gonna make some personnel changes and keep the operation running smoothly. Still going through things, still looking for prayers:) Until tomorrow (or when I can) Good Night Everyone.


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