ECLIPSE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, the latest saga in the Twilight series? Its here, and everyone is going crazy. Except me. I could care less. Until today, I thought people were planning to view an actual Eclipse (you know, solar or lunar) this weekend. Shows how little I care about Edward or Jacob.

I listen to the radio and talk to friends and I am absolutely amazed at the things people get caught up in today. Standing in line for hours to watch this movie. Or to buy iPhone 4. And I just wonder why? Is today the only day that movie is ever gonna play? If a person doesn't see it today will they never see it? (I won't be seeing it at all, no interest whatsoever). Can I not go to the Apple store next week and buy that phone?

I don't even go out on Black Friday. I know I know, if I don't get to Walmart by 5 am all the 32" plasma tv's on sale for $198 might be sold out. But for me, staying in and not fighting the crowds is worth the extra few dollars I might have to spend. And not being one of the first 10,485,236 people to see that movie is fine with me!

I did go to see Toys Story 3 with the boys. We waited in line for about 4 minutes. Reasonable. i wanna go see Shrek 4. And Grown Ups. I bet I can waltz right into those.

So why write about this? Because this weekend I am doing what I enjoy. Namely, the 4th of July weekend celebration that I participate every year. And though we may not be catching the Lancaster Fireworks this year, sitting by the fire at Ralphs, surrounded by friends, laughing, talking, and playing music is way better than any line I could ever stand in for anything. So as you bring your pillow and fall asleep waiting to see the latest on the vampires, I will drink one for you and toast the fact that I am not there.

Good Night Everyone............


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