Back after a little time away

Been a few days since I have posted. A trip home, a trip to the ER, and a trip down memory lane are the highlights. Bet you all are going to want details.

On Thursday night of last week, as I sat down to blog, I got a call from one of my team members. He had busted his leg open and was bleeding badly. It was as if he had opened a geyser on his leg. Blood was everywhere in his room, as if someone had been stabbed. He went to the ER, along with another team member to keep us updated. The rest of the team and myself stayed up very late cleaning the room. Yes, that is one of the services my company offers. By morning, all was back to normal. His leg was patched up and the room was ready to go, but a very heavy eyed crew reported to work Friday.

Saturday morning I drove home to see the boys and an old friend. Even though I had just seen them a few days earlier I missed my guys more than I thought. I locked my house key in the house though, and my room mate was MIA for the evening. So I got a room at the Marriott. I went out Saturday night, and when I returned to the hotel the power was out due to the storm and I could not get into my room. Panicked, I called the room mate again. She was home. So while all my clothes and computer were in the hotel, I went home and slept in my own bed. Obviously I am getting comped for the room, but I was able to get up this morning and go get my things. I figured while I was there, I would let the boys swim in the pool. We had a great time, I really wish they could come on the road with me.

On my way back to Tennessee I had to stop by my brothers. He lives south of Chillicothe, and the GPS took me out to route 32 on my way out. It wasn't long til I saw the sign, and I knew I had to stop. Sardinia. Some of you know the significance. Some do not.

Sardinia was one of the towns we lived in growing up. That was before my mom married my dad, and she was married to someone else. I will not go into the details, but it was a very dark time in my life, and the lives of my family.I hadn't returned since the day we moved away. The town hasn't changed, except a dollar store and small supermarket on the outskirts. The buildings downtown were run down, just as they had been in 1981. The vegetable stand was still at the end of the road. The Schneider's house was still the nicest in town. I drove past the house that we lived in. The stained glass windows are gone. The red wood siding has long been replaced by fresh vinyl. A front porch and garage were added to the property. But it was still there. It gave me chills and I thought about how much I would like to see it demolished, or even burnt to the ground. I snapped a photo, and quickly drove out of that little town. If I ever go back, it won't be for another 30 years.

In the hotel now, getting ready for bed, back to work tomorrow. Good Night Everyone.


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