Ralph and Mike are going to In and Out Burger

Today has been a relatively uneventful day. Woke up at 5:30, showered, had my coffee, and headed to work. Being Good Friday, I had two kids in tow. John-Michael always comes to work when he is not in school, and Tanner wanted to tag along as well. Since the Mammoth is very family friendly, it was not a problem for him to hang out with Tiff and I as we worked through Friday. And it was just a normal Friday. Ran a couple of appointments, ordered Jimmy John's for lunch (they got here in 8 minutes, they really are freaky fast!) and helped get our new iPads set up to run our project management software.

I will go on record now and tell you I am not a clock watcher. Normally, I am in well before my actual start time and often work way past sundown. I answer the phone when my clients call no matter when that is. Middle of the night? Yes a couple of times. Weekends? Almost always. Christmas Day? Like clockwork every year. And I cannot remember the last time I said "Nope, it's after 5, not my problem!" That is not my nature, and not an ingredient for success in my industry. But that is not the case today. Because on this Friday, I am counting down to an event I have been looking forward to for months.

4000 miles. 5 days.

This evening, my brother from another mother, Ralph, and I will embark on a cross country journey that will see us hit Tucson, Arizona sometime in the wee hours of Easter Morning. We will spend the day visiting his daughter and picking up his son before we turn and head back towards home on Sunday night. I am excited and have been waiting for this day since we first started discussing in when there was still snow on the ground. Wait, let me clarify. In January. Not two days ago when winter reared its ugly head like a psycho ex girlfriend who, just when all the world was right and things were starting to take shape and you could see solid plans for the future, showed up........and....................

Sorry got a little off target.

 Anyway, been planning this awhile. That's the short version.

I have penned this blog from many different places. A hotel room in Santiago, Chile. A sewage treatment plant in Nashville, Tennessee. A Galleria Mall in Sacramento, California. My Dad's patio in Springfield, Illinois. But never in my life have I posted from a sub-compact rental car going 70 mph on a highway in Texas. However, with technology being where it is and me finally learning how to use it, this trip will be documented in words and photos right here for all to see. So stay tuned. Should be an epic adventure.

4000 miles. 5 Days

Day #410. When we get to Tucson, we are headed straight for In and Out Burger. You know you are jealous. It is good to be me!


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