I can really get a Thurman Burger here?

The Thurman Cafe is home to some of the world's most famous hamburgers. Located just south of downtown Columbus in German Village, this iconic little cafe had been featured on Man VS Food, College Football Gameday, and other national programs. The long wait to get in was a deterrent for me most days, as the wait for lunch is usually a few hours. So I had only been there once, and had yet to check out the "Thurman's to go", a carryout version next door to the original. I heard those lines were also too much for an hour lunch break. But then, one of my co-workers said what may have been the greatest thing I have ever heard, when he mentioned that they had opened another Thurman's to go. Down the street. From my office. I was so happy I almost cried.

I decided to order John-Michael a Thurmanator for lunch. He had wanted to take on this challenge ever since I told him about this legendary meal on a bun that was enough to feed four. And works very hard in my warehouse on days he doesn't have school. I called an hour before I picked it up to make sure it would be ready. After all, this is Thurman's, right? They told me it would be ready - in 20 minutes. I was starting to have my doubts whether this could be the real thing.

I arrived at their tiny location just east of Taylor Road off Broad Street. I walked in, and no one was waiting. I told them my name and paid for the food. And I waited for a moment while they were finishing it up.As I waited a beer distributor who was delivering to the bar next door stepped in. In awe, he looked at the large menu on the wall. He looked at me, then at the girl behind the calendar. Choking up a little, he asked "Can I really get a Thurman Burger here?" She smiled and said yes you can. "Just like the original?" Again she nodded and said yes. I chimed in with "Without the 2 and 1/2 hour wait." I thought he was going to cry. They handed me my order and I left.

John-Michael downed that burger in one sitting. With fries. And we went back the next Saturday, ordering lunch for the family and my brother Ralph. A little bit of a drive from home, but some things in life are worth driving for.

More to come today, been a while since I blogged and evidently I have a lot to say.

Day #361. Thinking about a Bacon Burger for lunch. It is good to be me.


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