I Hate Moving

So I haven't blogged in quite a few days, mainly because I have been moving from my house into an apartment. I am excited about the fresh start, but I really hate the actual act of moving. Seems like whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

I had already moved some things into storage by the time Friday came along. I figured with me taking a half day and starting about one o clock I should be able to finish by 8 or so. Especially with the 3 guys I had coming to help. Left work and headed to get Brad, who has been a HUGE help (as always) during this process. Unfortunately he was the only one who showed up. I regrouped. We will just get the big stuff and I can handle the rest Saturday morning by myself. Great plan huh? We loaded the truck and headed for the apartment. We pulled into the complex, which I had chosen due to its proximity to New Albany (the Beverly Hills of Columbus) and because how quiet it was. As we turned the corner, though, we saw 5 Gahanna patrol cars and two SWAT vans blocking the road. Bad omen, huh? And from the looks of the guys in bulletproof vests carrying shotguns, I determined we could not get through even on foot. We waited. Til after 6 pm.Finally the situation ended and we were able to drop load one off. Went to the house to gather more things when Brad got a phone call. Dawn (his fiancee) had just lost her Grandmother. Immediately we were on the road to his house, some 35 minutes away. I came back and did two more loads by myself before being wiped for the day.

Saturday I got more moved, thanks to my friend Rick. But I had to run back to Findlay for the night, so I finished today. Well almost. There is still a large entertainment center in the basement. It was brought down, by me, in one piece. Just wish I could remember how I got it down, because it appears now that it is never coming out. We will see tomorrow. Either way, I will be out of the house by the end of Monday. Then I just have to get my things from storage to the apartment.

See why I hate moving?

My condolences to Dawn Medina, her family, and Brad Stefanov.
Good Night Everyone.....


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