Keeping the Faith

Nights like this one are my favorites. Just me and my boys hanging out, playing XBOX, watching movies, and playing. The adjustment to the apartment has been easier for them than I thought. They love it here and I love having them. They are really great kids,I could never have asked for more. I am a very lucky Dad indeed.

My prayers go out tonight for a number of people. An old work friend who is struggling to find light at the end of the tunnel. I am here for you brother, and things will look up soon, I can feel it. Then there is the girl at work is is so pregnant she is about to burst but her family is strepped right now. Keep your faith, God will lead the way. And myself. I feel as though I am at the top of the mountain right now. And I pray for guidance to keep me where I am. Why echo my bedtime prayers? The reason is simple.

Not long ago I asked a lot of people to review my blog. Strangers. I got a lot of responses, mostly positive. But one really bothered me. He told me to give up my belief and faith. Quit relying on a God who does not exist. He explained how freeing it would be. I cannot even fathom what he was saying. I am not a bible thumping church going guy. Those people have their place in this world, just not my path. But I have my faith. I know my God is real. I have seen him. When each of my children were born, I saw God. When I looked upon the face of a man who had just lost his very young son, I saw God. When I watch the sun set and the sky turn colors we cannot even name, I see God. When I see flooded out cities being rebuilt by strangers and friends alike, I see God. So please, before you profess your non belief, please understand that some things are real whether you believe them or not. I will never denounce my God. He has done way to many wonderful things in my life for me to turn my back on him now.

Not trying to be preachy. Just saying if you cannot respect my faith, maybe you should read a different blog.

Good night everyone


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