Ever had one of those mornings?

Well if you take that morning, multiply it by 9.4, kick it in the nuts twice and tell it that its no good, that was my morning. Seriously, I can never remember feeling so much anger and hurt all at the same time. And the ironic part is that it was not even necessary. By the time the dust settled, Angel and I are still not divorced, and neither of us are to blame. In fact, we absolutely agree on who is trying to drag this out, and changes are coming. That's all I can say.

On the flip side, I spent a great evening with the boys before I head back out of town for the next few days. Then I will be in Cincinnati all next week, followed by camping at Mohican with Shaun, Miss B and her guy next weekend.

That's all for tonite guys, gotta be up early tomorrow.


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