Pardon the interruption

It has been over a week since my last blog. Sorry for the delay, but things have been very hectic. Moving into the new apartment, getting things unpacked and organized, and a couple other unexpected distractions have kept me busy.

After settling in here I have had the chance to look at where I am now compared to where I was. That night on the point was so therapuetic for me, so calming. I remember making a couple of decisions that seemed very major at the time. Decisions to let go of the past and change the situation I was in. At the time the thought of doing that was daunting, and I wondered if I could follow through. Now here I stand, those choices having been made and a clear direction in front of me. I have a plan and intend to follow through, with more drive and focus than I have ever had. But I also have come to realize that life is very fluid, and sometimes you have to bend a little when the end result could be really beneficial. So while the weight loss and healthier life style are still very much in play, I am finding that other aspects of the plan are flexible. And I am good with that. Because sometimes when we choose a path, we find that there are others on the same road. And while we didn't know they were there when we started, we realize that they may have been put there to take the journey with us. Everything happens for a reason. That's one of my creeds. And right now, because those words are in play in my life, I am all smiles.

Hope this rambling made sense. Just what's in my head. I see the cardiologist tomorrow. Wish me luck. Good night everyone.


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