And then their crap could be our crap

Look around. Go ahead, wherever you may be reading this, stop and take a look at your surroundings. I will wait.................................ok, are you back? Sweet.

I am sitting in my bedroom at our little house in Gahanna, Ohio. Little red is in the bed beside me. At the foot of that bed is our monstrous 82 inch TV that she and the boys got me for Christmas, which currently has a Lifetime movie on it (that is the precise reason I am distracting myself by writing a blog.) On the HD screen, though, I have noticed a small issue occurring. There are little specks of white light appearing on the, almost looking like stars in a night sky. Yesterday their was one, now today there are 2 more. I googled it and found that it is a common problem with the DLP mirrors, and that I should call the place where it was purchased tomorrow. No biggie, the TV is easily replaceable if it cannot be fixed.

As I continue to look around the room, though, I cannot say the same for a lot of the things I see. This room, like most of our home, holds countless pieces of what I have come to call "Gypsy Archaeolgy". From the old soda bottle on the mantles to the antique picture of the guy golfing off a skyscraper to my matchbox car collection to our "wall window", nearly every item in the house has been hand picked by myself, little red, and the boys to be on display and remind us of the moments we will remember forever. We find these treasures in antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets. But nothing compares to the things we have added to the collection at yard sales.

This weekend was the Route 40 sales. The premise is simple. From Baltimore to St. Louis, if you drive down Route 40 (National Road) over the last weekend in May each year, you will see hundreds and hundreds of front lawn rummage deals.

This is an event we in the Slusher household plan for all year. The boys save their money, Tiffany and I make lists of what we want to find, and we all set out on this scavenger hunt together. I even borrowed a company pickup for the weekend to make sure we would not run into any issues with space. We started just east of Columbus about 9 am. The weather was perfect, unlike last year, and by noon, we had made more than 50 stops. We filled the truck so full that Redd Foxx would have been proud, and decided to call it a day. All of that in less than 8 miles.

A set of theater style antique church seats, 64 new matchbox cars, a punching bag and tons of new decorations for the house highlighted the haul. John loved the electric guitar he bought, Ben indulged on superhero memorabilia, and Tanner found versions of Madden football he did not have, which I didn't think was possible.

After returning home and unloading, we finished filling the pool and let the boys get in and swim. Tiffany and I sat outside around the firepit, talking about the day and how it was the perfect way to kickoff summer. It was a fitting end to a magnificent day.

As I look around this room, I see new things that were added yesterday intermixed with 3 years of memories that we already had in place. And while the flickering lights on the TV are annoying, I am grateful that the damage is not to something that can never be replaced.

Day #454.  We are truly blessed to have boys who get excited about the things that make our life great, It is good to be me!

What did you see when you stopped to look around? I would love to know! Feel free to comment below.


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