AT&T Stadium Tour Photos

Huge even from the outside
John and Tanner

Tanner is eager to get inside
From the luxury suite
See the Buckeye helmet?
This screen is 160 feet long and 71 feet high
Me and the guys
Man I outkicked my coverage
Tiffany and Susie
Look familiar? Hanging in a large storage room
Cowboy Cheerleaders locker room
Umm yeah, ya know
Cowboys locker room
In front of Zeke's locker
Susie in front of Zeke's locker
Tanner at the podium
John at the podium
Tiffany and Susie on the Star at the 50 yard line
The boys and I on the star
Tanner scored.

What an awesome time! I think I am now not going to hate the Cowboys as much as I have in the past!


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