New Month, New Adventure

Woke up this morning, got the boys ready for school, packed the truck and headed to Nashville, Tennessee. This past weekends storms did quite a bit of damage here, so this is the site of my latest adventure.
I was very excited coming down here. Just the thought of going to music city intrigued me more than you can imagine. Anyone who is anyone in country music lives here. Wonder if i will have to go assess a flooded basement at Toby Keith's? Or Dierks Bentley's? Or Miranda Lambert's?:) Maybe I can go to Opryland? But when I got to within 30 miles of the city, I realized this trip was not going to be about any of that. I picked up a radio station from Nashville. They were having a radiothon for the city. They spoke of devastation similar to Katrina. Lost lives and homes and neighborhoods swept away or left in shambles. The Grand Ole Opry under 8 feet of water. As I came into downtown, I saw it firsthand. Downtown areas looked like lakes, with guys in boats and canoes circling warehouses, office buildings, hotels, manufacturing plants and vehicles. Budget 24' Rental trucks - the big ones - almost completely submerged. I snapped photos from the truck as I passed. I listened to stories of people who did not live in the flood plain but had lost everything. And their insurance will not cover it. An hour in, I suddenly remembered why I do what I do. I am here to help. A drop in the enormous bucket for what they need. But I am one of many.
The city has come together. Neighbors helping neighbors and strangers. Zero - thats right zero- reports of looting in this town since they got almost 20 inches of rain in a few hours. The people here are professing how blessed they are to be alive, and asking what they can do to help. I love my hometown of Columbus. It has always been such a generous city. But I don't know if it can hold a candle to what I have seen here so far. All who read this, I encourage you to donate to the relief fund here. It is not getting the press nationally it should. To call this storm damage or flooding would be like calling Noah's Ark a paddle boat. They have a relief line set up, $5, $10, they will take any donation. 1-888-540-5200
It is going to take years and billions to clean up what happened here. I was thinking I would be down here for the emergency services portion, a week or so. I think the demolition and cleaning may take many months. I am no committing to be here that long. But I will help as much as I can.
Long day today, pics to come tomorrow, on facebook. I worked until almost 10 pm so its time for me to hit the sack.
Adios and Vaya con Dios


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