Next Stop, Jerry Springer Show

I took a 36 hour respite from the jobsite and ran home. Got to see my boys and check on things at the house. Definitely glad its only a five hour drive to the house instead of a 13 hour flight from South America!

Upon my return to the project, I was really impressed by all that was accomplished while I was gone. As of noon today, we are done with the emergency services. A couple minor punchlist things, and a day off Sunday, then starting a state park resort Monday morning! I am excited. This place is nestled in the woods 40 miles west of Nashville. And it is a hotel, where my team and I can stay during the process. The hotel overlooks a lake. I cannot wait to post pics.

I am grateful to have the team I do here in Nashville. There is no quit in them, no thought of giving anything but 100%. In a meeting today with the General Manager and Adjuster, the GM said we have been their backbone during this project and that they were blown away by what we got done. The head of Belfor's Nashville office and the Area Manager for the Southeastern United States were also in that room. A good feeling to say the least. But as I said, that project is a memory, time to bust out the next one.

Now about the title of tonight's blog. I am not a preachy person, but I just have to end on a personal note. We all go through tough times in our lives. Lord knows I have been at the bottom. But as things seem to spin out of control, and we get hurt and angry and disappointed, we all make a choice as to how we react. What we seldom take into account is how our actions and reactions influence those around us, especially our children. It's not alwys easy to stop and consider those things in the heat of the moment. But as you read this, please try to think about how you have presented yourself recently and how it affects those around you. A wise man once said "better to keep your mouth closed and be assumed a fool than open it and remove all doubt" Grace and dignity are both lost in today's world. Here's to hoping they make a come back. Before you all wind up on Jerry Springer!!!!!!!!!!!


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