Jodi Smith

Sorry about my absence the last few days, took the trip home, enjoyed some quality time with those I love, and headed back. It was a quick visit, but this week I will be returning home for a few days.

I have been bragging so much about my team on here and the phenomenal job they are doing on this project. Things are still going very well for the most part, though we have had a few minor snags the last couple days. But in my bragging I failed to mention the auditor on the job, Jodi Smith. And she probably has the toughest job out of everyone here. She is responsible for taking all of the invoices, labor sheets, and any other paper work on the job, recording them, then building a bill for us to give to the client. She works more hours than I do and is a tremendous asset on the job. Most PM's would be lost without their auditors, and Jodi is one of the best. She takes care of me no matter if its here or back in Ohio, where she works in the Akron office but provides a lot of support for Columbus as well. So this is a thank you Jodi, I appreciate the work you and all of the auditors (Cherise, Jen, etc) do.

I split my time today between morning and night. I worked until 1 pm, then back at seven and worked until midnight. I am transitioning in a new night time project manager tomorrow night and had to make sure I was clear about how the overnight was running. Gotta be back on the job early, so I better say good night. Adios and vaya con Dios........


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