Starting to get a reputation

Another adventurous day of dirty work started at 6 am, on the jobsite getting geared up. Supervisors in by 6:30, and crew supposed to be in by 7. But at 7:05, we began to be alarmed at the lack of workers on the job. Never had a whole labor force show up late before, so by the time they arrived at 7:30 my patience was already wearing thin. Quickly my supervisors got them ready and got them to work. By 8 am we were running like a machine. The rest of the morning seemed to buzz by. I was almost to the point of forgiving the tardiness (one of my biggest pet peeves) when the head of the company that provided these folks came to me and said no fewer than 10 wanted to leave because of the nature of the work. Having explained what the job was before they ever arrived, I had all I could take. So, for the second time on a week, I let an entire company of general laborers go. As my job accountants scrambled to get a new team in place, I met with the supervisors and told them we needed to get prepped for the replacements. My boss, having stopped by to see how the project was progressing, laughed and said "Mike, you are going to get a reputation" Maybe so, but I explained that I am not here to make friends. We have a job to do and it is my rear end hanging in the wind. So I make the moves necessary to accomplish that goal.

By the time my overnight team got into place, we wee again ahead of schedule. I have a lot of faith in the third shift PM, but I will probably be headed back to the site shortly just to check on progress.

I am probably going to beg out for a few days after this project is over. Hope to get home and see the boys. If not, then in a week or so. I will keep you updated. Until then, Adios and vaya con Dios


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