From the Penthouse to the Outhouse

I was all geared up. My team was ready. We were going to move to the State Park Resort and take care of that job while enjoying the park, the wildlife, the lake, and the quiet. Then word came down, a new project was signed and it is substantial in size. Me and my people are the best team to knock it out. I got the details of the new loss and boy, is it the opposite of the tranquility we were preparing for. Our new task is to clean and ready for this?............the Sewage Treatment Facility in Clarksville. Thats right, the tanks overflowed during the storm and I now get the privilege of taking care of that for them. The area manager said they needed the right guy for the job. How do I take that? LOL. But I assembled the team and told them thats we have a job to do, lets get in and get it done. They are surprisingly gung ho on this. So thats where we will be.
The preparation for a job like this is quite extensive. Portable showers, hand wash stations, and a thousand other pieces of protective equipment must be placed onsite. So I was at the office late arranging my resources. Been a long day, so I will cut this short and hit the sack. Until tomoroow, Adios and vaya con Dios........


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