Ranger Mike

This morning I drove out to Montgomery Bell State Park to look at the resort hotel we are going to restore. I went there yesterday for an initial assessment as well. As I drove out there today, things looked a lot different than they did 24 hours ago. First, the road was open. It had been closed in 4 places due to high water. There was a lot of dirt, dust, tree limbs, and even debris all over the place. Even saw 2 areas where the water had washed the asphalt away, piling it up like leaves in nearby fields and yards. I also saw an area that had been covered by water yesterday that has now receded. To my shock, where the creek had been almost to bridge level Tuesday, it was back in its banks today - at least 15 feet under the bridge. And just a few hundred feet away, the foundation of a home that had been washed away in the flood. Again I cannot stress enough how ravaged this area is and how it seems to be being ignored by the national media.
Lots of Belfor personnel flew in today. More are on the way, and we still will not have enough people to do what needs to be done. There are 100 companies in town like ours to do what we do, and the cleanup is still going to take months.
After the first park, I was called to another one about 50 miles away. They do not have a resort, just an office with a maintenance building. The water was so deep in turned their park vehicles on their sides inside the garage. Apparently these and any other State or Local parks that come in are going to be on my plate. A good assignment to draw, when I look at what others are dealing with. A flooded mall that had a perstore with sharks and pirhanas in aquariums. Those fish are now swimming about the mall. The Grand Ole Opry Hotel - Talk about a high pressure, high profile job. Yeah, I am lucky. But just like the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, Columbus Convention Center, Santiago Chile and 1000 other projects, it's nothing we cannot handle.
Hope everyone at home and on facebook is well. Pics will be on fb shortly. Until yomorrow, Adios and Vaya Con Dios


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