There is no place like home

My few days at home were highly anticipated. I had things planned, including some r and r after putting in 90 hours a week for a few weeks. But believe it or not, this is my first chance and relaxing since I have been here. And I have to leave early for Akron to pick up my super auditor, then head back to Tennessee. So lets just hit the highlights.

Thursdays court went as well as I could have expected. I came out with the understanding that I am going to have to cut expenses anyway I can as child support, healthcare, and day to day expenses are gonna leave me in sad shape. I will be moving out of my house, probably on August 1. Cheap apartment living here I come. I also was disappointed to find my house in a state of disrepair when I got home, so much so that I called my room mate to make sure she was still alive. So I spent a good part of the weekend just trying to recover my home. Friday night saw a party, where a complete stranger confiscated my bottle of Jack and drained it. Then I had to help this drunken idiot home, and he was more than double my weight. He fell on me as I walked him up his sidewalk, ad my knee may never be the same. Thanks, and remind me to steer clear of any party he ever goes to again. On Saturday I had planned to go see my Dad in Illinois, but a sick son axed that idea. So I continued to work on the house. Then today, my ex's basement flooded out so I spent my evening handling that. Now I sit here blogging at 11 pm, knowing I have to be on the road at 5. Oh, and to top it off the boys are still here, as the ex is sick. So I have to take them to her before I can even leave.

Here is hoping my next trip home can be a little less stressful. Until tomorrow, Adios and vaya con Dios


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