Oddities, reflection, and just a lil bragging

This morning, while leaving the place I get my morning coffee, I had someone approach my truck. As I drove past he threw what appeared to be a rock at my truck. I got out and asked why and he started screaming at me, incoherently. it was clear he was homeless, and probably drunk as well. i called the police, who took him away. An hour later as I was conducting my morning meeting another homeless person stumbled onto my jobsite, screaming that he had no shoes and that he couldn't cross the bridge and that he wanted to go to jail. So, I had the police pick him up as well. It was a very odd start to a very good day.
A decade ago I made the decision to change careers. Burnt out by a restaurant industry that had owned me since I was 16, I made a job change just to save my sanity. When I started at Servicemaster it was a job change that was supposed to hold me over while I figured out what to do with my life. 10 years and 3 companies later and after many try and fail moments, my career is one that is rewarding and gives me new experiences everyday. I went from a plumb dumb new guy to a restoration technician, then production manager, estimator, divisional manager, and now senior project manager. And I have loved every minute of it. Some day I feel like I am still that plumb dumb kid who has not a clue what he is doing. But most days, I feel like there aren't a lot of curveballs I cannot hit.
The job is going well. We estimated that it would take a minimum of a week to do the job I am running. Today was the end of day two. iIwill be lucky if I have a full day tomorrow. But we will finish tomorrow, in three days. I have an "A" team of project managers and foreman working for me who have spared no effort in knocking this project out. They are shining and making us look really good in front of some very important people. The client, who two days ago was very standoffish with me, walked the loss today. He was both shocked and amazed at the speed at which my team worked without sacrificing quality. He is now talking about being back in business Tuesday rather than laying people off, a complete turn around in 48 hours. As the senior project manager I look, in awe, at the job done as well. I am proud if the team for what they have accomplished. And I am proud to be working for a company that continues to prove to me that nothing is impossible and no resource is out of reach. I know this sounds more like a Belfor commercial than a blog, but today and the past few days have been career highlights for me.
Today, our number one competitor, the company closest to what we can offer our clients, pulled onto our jobsite. They asked if we could hire some of their staff to assist us. See they had brought 400 people into town to work a very large project. They started the job, then were asked to cease work and told to leave the jobsite. They were replaced by Belfor. I am not familiar with the project they lost, but trying to hide my smile, I said no thanks we are good. And then I escorted them off my jobsite.
I do not know what happens after I finish this one. i imagine there are more projects waiting. We shall see. Either way, I will keep you all posted. Until then
Adios and vaya con Dios


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