On a more personal note

As I sit here tonite in the Econolodge grand suite (thats an oxymoron, trust me) in Clarksville Tennessee, I am somewhat detached from my real life in Ohio. But the past few days I have read about trials and tribulations on Facebook that a friend is going through. I have talked to another friend about the issues they are facing. And, in a bizarre, alternative world kind of way, I even advised my ex wife on dating and what to watch out for. It makes me grateful to have the life that I do, to be in the place I am at, and the best part, to not know what is going to happen next.

To my facebook friend who is facing a lot of adversity right now. I know you are reading this. I have been where you are, not too long ago. You, amongst others, grabbed my hand and pulled me out of it. This is my attempt to return the favor. When she walked away from me I really thought I was going to go insane. I hit the bottom, and had no desire to get back up. It tore me apart, and it was so strange that it did because of how short the time was. But I knew it was quality versus quantity that had me missing her so badly. A great friend of mine told me this - What's for you will not pass by you. Think about that. If she was the right one for you, then she will come back. And if she wasn't, the right one will come along that will not walk away, and will make all others seems like road signs pointing her direction. I hope that makes sense. It does to me in a lot of ways right now, though I won't divulge them here. All I can say is it does get better. Tomorrow will be a little better than today was, and the next will be better than tomorrow. Remember brother, I am here if you need anything at all as you were for me.

To my friend who is torn, not knowing what to do. Remember, I have seen the happy ending side of what you are going through. Just know that you are way too smart, funny, beautiful, and motivated to be anyone's second choice. You control your own happiness and your own future. And anyone who knows you knows that you are absolutely worth it.

Ok, the ex wife thing is really too strange to talk about, but I am grateful we are in a place that we are good enough friends to talk about this kind of thing. My ex is not a bad person by any stretch, just not the right person for me.

Anyway, today I learned I am losing my truck. Thats right, the truck I brought home with only 7 miles on it has been reassigned to someone else. Tomorrow, my Belfor logo'd Chevy HHR will be delivered to my jobsite in Clarksville, and my F-150 will drive away. Makes me a little misty lol, but I will survive with the new wheels.

A mouse ran through the breakfast area at the hotel today. Thats is truly the last straw. Tomorrow, we change lodging. The new hotel is nice, with an indoor pool and hot tub, king suite rooms, and most importantly, no one selling drugs in the parking lot.

A long day that included a double shift and a 22 oz steak have left me very tired. Time for bed, 48 hours til home. Until tomorrow, Adios and vaya con Dios


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