If you don't finish college you'll wind up working at the poop factory

Today is what, Wednesday, Saturday, I can't keep track anymore. What I do know is this. Monday morning your alarm will go off. You will hit the snooze button and say no not yet. A few minutes later you will stumble down the stairs to your morning coffee and dread going to work. Dread going to a job where you feel underappreciated and overworked. They take the best of you and give little back. You are lining someone else's pockets. Pretty depressing huh? But alas, I say take heart. What you don't know is how lucky you are.
Today, I saw a man get into a wet suit and helmet straight out of the movie Men of Honor. He walked out onto a catwalk that spanned the diameter of a 250,000 gallon raw sewage holding tank. He climbed the railing onto a ladder and descended into the murky sludge. Only pocketed air bubbles could be seen on the surface as he wandered, trying to find the source of a clog that had caused the gigantic tank to stop draining into the treatment plant. This man is underpaid is all I could think. No I do not know his hourly rate. I don't need to know it. But I did wonder if you have to have a degree to do it. Clearly this is the worst job in the country.

I toured the Clarksville Sewage Treatment Plant this morning and realized that the size of the job was much bigger than described. This massive undertaking will begin in full force in the morning, as today was a logistical day. Plan in place, I expect to be on this project for 21 days.

We also got more severe storms here today. this area does not need anymore rain, but its coming anyway. 3 inches fell in 20 minutes during the worst storm today. It was a windy, driving rain that kept us on edge. Within two minutes of the rain stopping, the skies were clear blue and the temperature had dropped from 92 to 74. And I thought Ohio weather was crazy.

I know almost all of the followers listed on my blog. But one seems to be a code name and I cannot figure out who you are. But I hope you enjoy reading, as I hope all of you do. Feel free to leave a comment. Until tomorrow,
Adios and vaya con Dios


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