Three thousand dollar bucket

The last couple of days in the job have been pretty good. Everything is running smoothly, besides a few glitches here and there. For instance, last night the overnight crew was out in the compound cleaning the large vats that process the water for the facility. At some point, a plastic 3 gallon bucket fell into the murk below and disappeared. This morning I informed the city of the issue. Little did I know that this was the only functioning part of the plant. They had to shut it down, send in a scuba diver, and an hour later, retrieved the pale. In all that little oops cost the city $3000. They asked if I wanted it back, I declined, telling them they had a souvenir.

Yesterday had a comical moment as well. Let me preface this story by telling you that dont know that I used to date someone who had purple hair. Yes, I said purple, and thats a (very cool) story in and of itself. While we were seeing each other, I took a lot of photos, one of which was taken after a few drinks late at night. As I took the close up pic, she flipped me off. It was a funny photo. And one that I had promised her I would erase. Flash forward to yesterday.

We ordered 4 new heavy duty power washers for the plant. Each one cost $18,000. A colleague of mine said he had to see what kind of equipment that much money would buy, so I told him I would send him a picture. I took the photo, only to have my crackberry tell me the memory is full. I had to delete a pic to save this one. I looked through and found the photo of the purple haired girl I mentioned above. This one will work, I thought, as I remembered my promise to erase it. I deleted it, and went about sending the picture I had just taken. Or so I thought. I got a reply that said f*** you too, where is the powerwasher? I looked and realized I had sent the picture I had meant to delete. Truly a blond moment on my part, probably can be blamed on sheer exhaustion.

Anyway, got word today that the plant wants us to stay on site until they are back open for business. About 2 months. I will have a few days home I am sure, but looks like I am taking up residency in Clarksville, Tenessee. So As I lay my head to bed, Adios and vaya con Dios


  1. I'm sure the purple haired girl would love that story! Lol....miss u brother!


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