Snakes and the 30 hour reprieve

This morning I was greeted by the night shift, who informed me that there were two large black snakes in the basement of the sludge conditioning building (yes that is actually the name). Unsure of whether they were standard black snakes or water mocassins, the team did not want to investigate further. I informed the plant manager, who said this was not an uncommom occurrence. He went down and, after a little searching, was able to identify the breed. I think he called them "Large Power Cables". Yeah, my guys were afraid of a couple of cords.

After my daily 8 am meeting, I knew I would be able to set a plan in motion I had been considering for a couple days. With the job running so well, I jumped in the rental car and headed home. I figure I can at least spend the morning with my boys before heading back to Tennessee. In Louisville, the clouds started to darken and I could see the storm coming in. Just North of Cincinnati, the skies opened up and I drove the next 100 miles in a driving rainstorm at 30 mph. Not a fun adventure. But the looks on their faces in the morning will be worth it. I would do anything for my boys, any thing to make them happy. I think any parent feels the same.

Tomorrow I go back, but will return home next Wednesday Night and stay through Sunday. A lot of people think that I am crazy to make that drive so many times. But I enjoy it. It is my time, time to reflect on what is going on in my life, both professionally and personally, and what I want to do next. I get very contemplative when I drive. Its a good release for me after the long, grueling days on the job.

So I stand here beside my big old comfy bed. And it is calling my name. So until next time, Adios and vaya con Dios


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