And the Lord told Noah to build an Ark

Rain was once again the topic of the day today. For the first couple of hours we knew that showers were likely. We outfitted everyone with there non permeable hazmat suits as usual, knowing that they would protect them from the rain. A quick check of the radar gave left an ominous feeling in the air. More red and yellow on the doppler than green, and all creeping very slowly towards the Clarksville Sewage Treatment Facility. We began to batten down the hatches. Boom lifts were parked. Gas powered light stands were lowered. All cleaning of the metal hand and guard rails were halted. Everything was buttoned up just in time, as the rain rolled in. For the better part of 5 hours the area was once again deluged with rain. What's worse, the road into the plant flooded over, barley being passable for trucks. The streets and parking areas began to pond. In the town of Clarksville, already ravaged by the floods, car hydroplaned as the storm sewers overflowed yet again. There were some tenuous moments. But in the end, the rain let up and the fear of a repeat faded as the day went on. But storms are predicted for tomorrow as well, even worse than today's.

A very cool piece of information to pass along. We have a lot of projects running in Middle Tennessee. One of them is a school, which Nile Baker from our Sacramento office is running. That school has been chosen to appear on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Belfor will be featured on that program. I will keep you posted on air dates as it will be a good chance for those of you not in the industry to see what we do. And for my Belfor colleagues around the world, make sure you watch and be proud of what we do. It really isn't all about the money.

I am so proud of my team and what we have accomplished. They make our company look great and help me do my job very efficiently. Tomorrow we are taking a photograph of our little "Belfor City" at the plant from high atop a 40' boom. I will post that pic for all to see.

One last thing. No, I will not post the pic of the purple headed crazy girl. That is not who she is nor what she's about. That was a funny moment and is a funny picture. But I won't do that to her.

Tomorrow is quickly approaching and this job is wearing me out, so it is bedtime. Until tomorrow, Adios and vaya con Dios.


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