Start of something big

Sorry I did not blog last night, I had a late night. It was an evening of much needed relaxation. Not sure when I will get another one of those.
I spent the day yesterday looking at new losses. These jobs are located just outside of downtown, in area that was completely submerged until Wednesday. This is a heavy industrial zone that housed trucking terminal, a wire company, a post office, a scrap metal company, and Nashville's Transit Authority Service Terminal just to name a few. The water in this area was better than 6 feet deep. I went to the wire company first. It was a very large job, one that would require a substantial effort to complete. With my parks jobs coming, I declined being the project manager on it and handed it to someone else. I then went to the scrap metal job. And it made the wire place look small. Encompassing 4 city blocks with 8 buildings, scales, lots of heavy equipment, and 5 days to be operational, it is a monster project. I called the guys running the show in Nashville and told them we needed a very strong person to run this operation. The response was "we think that's you". I was stunned at the reply, but quickly began to organize the necessary resources to handle the project, the largest I have ever overseen. I am very nervous about making sure none of the balls I will have to juggle drop. But a major boost to my confidence came today when the braintrust for Belfor met with Plant Management. The client asked some very tough questions of my bosses, and they yielded to me for the answers. When the meeting was over the all parties were happy and confident we could accomplish the goals. And two very prominent Belfor people told me that I had done a terrific job of handing the concerns. So tomorrow at seven am we go full force. We will be working 2 crews of 40+ people on twelve hour shifts until the project is complete. I am looking at 12-15 hour days minimum, so if the blog suffers please excuse me. I will try to keep it updated. Until I can blog again, Adios and vaya con Dios.


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