I haven't blogged in a few days. Not only have I been busy in my everyday life, but it seems I have a lot on my mind that may not be meant for public viewing. I sat down to write, more than once, only to keep the thoughts between myself and I. Some posts are better off unpublished. So I stayed away until tonight, when a few days worth of people watching and observing the human condition pulled me back.

I write about different aspects of life and how one thing can lead to another. I believe every person has there own story and tales they could regale us with. The last few days I have seen a broad example of that, seeing several different people in various stages of the human condition. I thought about how their journeys affect mine, some in major ways and some very minor. And about what I can do to minimize that factor while still being the person I am.

Linked to my blog is the daily journal of my best friend. At the current time I watch as she tries to replace a loss love with a near duplicate copy of the man who walked away. It's certainly interesting enough to observe, with so many details between the two being exact matches. She sent me a photo of him today, Mr. 2.0, and I swore it they could be twins (well triplets since the first guy already is a twin). I worry for her, but remain supportive as she tip toes forward. It is a lot better than going 90 miles in reverse ride she was on a month ago.

Another person I am dealing with right now is in a very different place than I. A young father who has not always made the best decisions, he finds himself at the bottom. Admitting that their is an issue is the first step, and he is standing on it. He is scared and stressed and worried, knowing that the choices of his past have led him here. I extended him words of encouragement, and tried to help him with a course of action. I have no idea if he will heed what we talked about, nor do I know what might happen. But for today, I am hopeful that he will take the next step.

I also this week had a conversation with someone about me and decisions and choices I am making these days. It seems there is concern for me and making sure I stay where I am now. It is funny that those are the people who seem unable to forget the things of the past. I would only say to those people that I make mistakes just like anyone else, and I learn from them. I am more than equipped to know what is best for me. And if I see a potential for anything but good things on the horizon, I also am smart enough to know when to change course. Don't believe me? Then you haven't been paying attention.

I see these people, each with their own story, each living according to what they see in front of them. From the replacement to starting over, to even having good yet misguided intentions for me, these are all stories of survival and support. It is funny how I also encountered people who have no real clue what that is about. Sure they have also made mistakes in their past. But they would never reveal that to you. It is so much easier to look down on someone who may be at rock bottom and crying out for help. Dismissing their issues as petty or as drama helps those with a higher moral superiority to keep themselves above those of us who are not perfect. These also are people who cannot seem to see anything but what they want to see. From making assumptions and judgements on issues they are uneducated about before doing any research what so ever to just saying hey we can just eliminate these people from our view, keep our facebook pages and everyday lives only filled with the good. The sunny parts of the human element.

I have never professed to be a church going bible thumping crusader for Christ. But I have my beliefs, and I stand firm on them. While some people spent the summer praising God for helping raise funds for a new church bus, I spent it thanking him for being there with me the night I nearly drank myself to death and wound up passed out on the corner. And now as people here need real help from a loving understanding God, I will pray and praise for the broken hearts he heals, the addictions he helps to overcome, and the changes he helps bring in peoples lives. I will leave the exaltations for the new pews to someone else. I encourage everyone to listen to the words of a song called My Jesus by Todd Agnew. Really listen. And ask yourself, what would Jesus do? Seriously.

In closing tonight, I will say that there is risk and reward in everything we do in life. It is up to each of us to decide if any decision we make is worth it. From personal relationships to career changes, even writing this very blog post. But what the heck, I live on the edge right? I wonder how many facebook pages I will be defriended from tomorrow. Go ahead and ask me if I care.

Good Night All..............


  1. Just read, and a couple others I think I had missed. Good stuff. As you discuss risk, at the core is there really any other aspect of getting by? Everything is a risk, to ourselves, and to others. Advice is always better for others, and taking our own is hard medicine. But in truth, as you stated, I know me, you know you, better than we know one another. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the road to heaven is risk after risk after risk. And gosh darn it, the more we risk, the more we thrive in life. The more we really LIVE.

    Ralph Harper


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